Jeżeli chcesz studiować w Uniwersytecie Medycznym we Wrocławiu koniecznie zapoznaj się z warunkami i harmonogramem rekrutacji obowiązującymi na wybrany przez Ciebie kierunek na rok akademicki 2023/2024. Przeczytaj także klauzulę informacyjną RODO, a następnie zarejestruj się w systemie elektronicznej rejestracji kandydatów IRK. Elektroniczna rejestracja kandydatów obowiązuje na wszystkie kierunki studiów prowadzonych w formie stacjonarnej i niestacjonarnej w Uniwersytecie Medycznym we Wrocławiu. W ramach jednego profilu w IRK możesz zapisać się na dowolną liczbę kierunków studiów stacjonarnych jak i niestacjonarnych.

From the opening of the registration until its closure, you can repeatedly log into your IRK profile, complete and change/correct the data you have entered (except for your identification data). However, after the registration in the IRK is closed, you can request access to edit your data in the IRK by sending an e-mail to the relevant admission board from the e-mail address you entered during registration.

If you are a minor at the start of the admission process you will need to provide your parent/legal guardian consent when you register in the IRK and later when you submit the documents at the office of the relevant admission board. zgoda rodzica na udział w rekrutacji i podjęcie studiów przez osobę niepełnoletnią. (Parental/guardian form)

NOTE! Remember, it is you who will bear the consequences of incorrect registration in the IRK: incorrect or incomplete completion of form fields or entering information incompatible with the available documents. Any discrepancy between the data entered into the IRK and the contents of the documents submitted by you may result in your removal from the list of candidates qualified for admission or inability to participate in subsequent stages of the admission procedure.

In the event of a failure of telecommunication networks, independent of Wroclaw Medical University, or periodic overloading of our servers, the University is not responsible for the inability to register or make changes.




When requesting the deletion of your personal data, you should first tick your resignation in your profile in the IRK for all fields of study in which you have applied for admission.



Register directly via the link:

for candidates for studies in polish language
for candidates for English Division

or click the button on the website: than:

  • click on the icon
  • type in and REMEMBER your e-mail address and password. NOTE! Each logging into the IRK system is made after providing a login (which in the IRK is an e-mail address) and a password entered while creating the profile
  • fill in the registration form - check the correctness of data
  • if you are a foreigner, please select your nationality and then tick 'rector's decision'
  • read the GDPR Information Clause and then go to the consents and declarations
  • activate your IRK account via the activation link that will be sent to your e-mail address entered during registration.



Log into the IRK by entering your email address and password or if you are already logged in:

  • fill in the PERSONAL DETAILS tab;
  • attach a photo (as for a passport) that meets the criteria set out in the IRK;
  • fill in the EDUCATION tab;
  • make your choice of the field of study - remember that you have the opportunity to enrol in as many full-time/ part-time fields of study as you wish within the time limits specified in the schedules;
  • confirm each subsequent step by clicking "save".




If you fill in the mandatory fields incorrectly or incompletely, you will receive an error message and will not be able to proceed to the next registration step.
When the data is completely filled in, the tab will change colour (from red) to green.



Upload scans of the required documents to ATTACH DOCUMENTS tab:
• a certificate of completion of secondary education with a transcript of grades - the certificate should entitle the candidate to university-level study in the issuing country;

• translation of the certificate and the transcript into Polish; . .

• english language certificate - if applicable. List of the preferred certificates:


• health certificate - not applicable to Polish citizens;    .

• passport - EU or EFTA citizens can also use a national identity card;

• consent of a parent/legal guardian to participate in the admission process - applies to candidates under 18 years of age;

• application form - generated by the online system IRK.

To attach the application form correctly, go to the "PRINT OUTS" tab and download it. Print it out, sign it and attach the scan to the “ATTACH DOCUMENTS” tab. The health certificate form is also in the "PRINT OUTS" tab.



In the “PAYMENT” tab you will find information about the amount of the admission fee, university bank account number and other data needed for the transfer. A separate individual university bank account number is generated for each candidate and each declared field of study for which the admission fee should be paid.

As soon as your transfer is credited to the university account, the tab will a u t o m a t i c a l l y turn green and the amount due will reset to zero.


Note! If you complete your secondary education this year, pay the admission fee after you receive your grades. If you take polish matura exam, pay the admission fee after you receive your results.


1. Pay the admission fee separately for each declared field of study and type of study (full-time or part-time).

 2. Do not transfer more than one admission fee to the same bank account number

REMEMBER! Failure to make a payment or a late payment to the appropriate account or payment made to another bank account of the University is considered as resignation from the admission process for a given course and may result in the candidate not being accepted for further stages of the admission process.



When all required fields are filled in the IRK System and the admission fee is paid - the tabs will change colour from red to green. From then on, a person with 'Registered' status will wait for the change of status to 'Candidate' when data uploaded to the system has been positively verified by the board, and then to e.g. 'Conditionally Accepted'.

Note! the change of status does n o t take place automatically when all tabs are saved. The statuses are changed and assigned by the admission board after the board meeting.

The lists of conditionally accepted students are created on the dates specified in the 2022 admission schedule (, separately for each field of study, within the applicable admission limits, and published on the University's admission website and on the Dean's Office notice boards, according to the candidate ID registration code from the IRK.  .

Information about the stages of admission procedure is sent to e-mail address provided by the candidate and the change of status is visible in the candidate's individual profile in the IRK. Find out what each STATUSES IN THE IRK SYSTEM mean: .,  

- an applicant who created an account in the IRK System (without completing the next steps).
– status following after Registered. An applicant who filled in all required information in their IRK profile, uploaded all required scans of documents and paid the recruitment fee in time and to the assigned bank account.    The change from „Registered” to „Candidate” takes place after the applicant’s documents have been reviewed and accepted and the fee has been credited to the correct account. An applicant with this status should wait for the announcement of the shortlist of the candidates admitted conditionally after the Admission Board’s meeting.
- status following after Candidate. An applicant who is on the waiting list, waiting for the final decision of the Admission Board.
– An applicant who resigned from the studies. An applicant can resign either by sending a resignation form or by not fulfilling the admission requirements during any stage of the admission process (i.e. not uploading required documents, not paying the correct amount of fee in time, etc.).
– An applicant who has not been accepted by the Recruitment Board. An applicant with this status cannot further participate in the application process.
conditionally accepted
– status following after Candidate. An applicant who has been positively assessed by the Admission Board and included in the shortlist of the candidates admitted conditionally. Conditionally accepted candidates are obliged to: - print, sign, and upload Agreement about payment, - pay the tuition fee for the first semester, - submit originals of required documents.
– status following after Conditionally Accepted. An applicant who met all requirements and has been accepted as a student. An applicant with this status will officially become a student after signing the Oath at the beginning of the academic year.

Listy rankingowe, listy kandydatów zakwalifikowanych do przyjęcia, listy osób wpisanych na listę studentów (przyjętych na studia) tworzone są w terminach określonych w harmonogramie rekrutacji 2023, odrębnie dla każdego kierunku i formy studiów, w ramach obowiązujących limitów przyjęć oraz publikowane na internetowej stronie rekrutacji Uczelni  i na tablicach ogłoszeń dziekanatu, według kodu rejestracyjnego ID kandydata z IRK.

  If several candidates obtain the lowest number of points for admission to a chosen field of study, mode and level of studies, an additional qualification criterion will be applied - the result obtained in the following subjects: biology, and then, as next qualification criterion, chemistry.

In the event of several candidates obtaining the lowest, equal amount of points entitling them to be admitted to the chosen field, module and level of studies, an additional qualification criterion will be applied - the result obtained in the subjects listed below:

1) biology,

2) chemistry - as the next qualification criterion.

Priority is given to the candidate with the higher score in the subject indicated. If, despite the application of such a qualification, the number of candidates admitted to a medical or dental field of study exceeds the limit of places, a smaller number of candidates will be admitted to the first year of studies in these fields of study.




Applicants on the conditionally accepted list receive (via the IRK system and to the candidate's e-mail address):

1. information on qualifying for the next stage of the admission process;
2. a conditional decision of admission to studies (applies to foreigners) or information on conditional entry on the list of students (applies to Polish citizens).
Candidates included in the conditionally accepted list are required to:
1. read the information included in the email and
2. generate and print a Tuition Fee Agreement from your IRK profile ("PRINT OUTS" tab), sign it and upload a scan of it to your IRK profile by the specified deadline, and
3. pay the tuition fee by the date and to the account specified in this agreement (date of receipt in the University's account).
Note: If the above requirements set out in points 2 and 3 are not met, it is considered that the candidate resigned from the studies, which may result in the removal of the candidate from the list of conditionally admitted candidates and in the change of the status to "not admitted". Please note that the date of crediting the bank account of the University with the tuition fee is taken into consideration. When making the payment order, please state the payer as the party paying the bank costs. Information on tuition fees is also available on the University's website: Banking transactions may take longer than one day and do not depend on the University.
The University is not responsible for transactions and problems on the side of the bank and the person making the transfer. . The deadline for submission of original documents to the admission board by the conditionally accepted applicants is 31 August. The Admission Board shall verify the compliance with the requirements of the conditional decision.  

The University is not responsible for transactions and problems on the side of the bank and the person making the transfer.
. The deadline for submission of original documents to the admission board by the conditionally accepted applicants is 31 August. The Admission Board shall verify the compliance with the requirements of the conditional decision.  

Documents to be provided:
• a certificate of completion of secondary education with a transcript of marks, legalized at a Polish embassy or consulate or provided with an apostille (depending on the country in which the certificate and the transcript were issued);

• translation of the certificate, transcript and the apostille into Polish;

• English language certificate;
• health certificate;
• passport/identity card used during the admission process;

• parent/ legal guardian consent to participate in the admission process;
• application form;

• certificate of vaccination against hepatitis B;
• certificate of eligibility - a document stating that the certificate entitles the candidate to higher education in the issuing country, required if this information is not contained on the certificate itself.


Note: 1. Failure to comply with at least one requirement, in the scope and within the deadline specified in the conditional decision by a conditionally admitted candidate provides the basis for declaring the invalidity of the conditional decision concerning the admission to the first year of studies. 2. Failure to provide the originals of the documents within the deadline shall be considered as resignation from participation in the admission process or taking up studies and shall result in removal from the list of the candidates admitted conditionally.
Address for delivery of documents: Biuro Rekrutacji i Badania Losów Absolwentów ul. Jana Mikulicza-Radeckiego 4A 50-345 Wrocław
NOTE! If you have been accepted for admission to more than one field of study, decide and choose one and remember to submit your resignation as soon as possible for the other fields of study you have applied to - release your place and give candidates interested in that field of study a chance to apply.



You can resign from studies at any stage of the admission process and it is an irreversible process. A candidate may resign from the admission process:   

  1. in the IRK, directly from the individual profile of a candidate, or
  2. electronically– by sending a signed resignation (scan of the signed letter) from the e-mail address registered in the IRK, or w IRK, albo
  3. in person, or
  4. by an authorised person.

If you are not interested in studying in the field(s) for which you have applied and wish to resign from admission, please let us know as soon as possible - this will give other applicants a chance.

Sample declaration of resignation

Candidates who have been conditionally admitted may submit and collect their documents in person or by a person who has been duly authorised to do so by the admission board or by a notary. Person authorized to submit documents should bring a set of the required documents and a letter of attorney. Download here. .




Once the stage of submission of original documents has been completed, the final list of applicants admitted to the particular field of study will be published.



If you are not on the list of conditionally accepted for your chosen field of study and your status has been changed to Pending, follow the next lists. In the event that the limit of admissions for a particular field of study is not met, the Admission Board will publish further admission lists on the online admission website under the Lists tab.



STEP 11 - SUPPLEMENTARY ADMISSION for Polish citizens with the new matura exam certificate

Applicants (Polish citizens) who took part in the admission procedure for studies and whose Matura exam result in a given subject or subjects was, as a result of an appeal, increased to the number of points eligible for admission to a given field of study, may take part in the supplementary admission process.
To this end, after receiving a decision changing the number of points to a result qualifying for admission, the candidate is obliged to:
• submit in person a written application for supplementary admission to the appropriate admission board,
• provide a document confirming the improved result (qualifying for admission) obtained in the high school final exam(s), issued by Regional Examination Board [OKE - Okręgowa Komisja Egzaminacyjna].

Po spełnieniu wszystkich wymogów zawartych w warunkach oraz w harmonogramie rekrutacji 2023/2024 możesz zostać przyjęty w ramach wolnych miejsc na dany kierunek studiów.

UWAGA! Wnioski złożone po 30 września 2023 roku nie będą rozpatrywane.

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