What they didn't tell you about Medical School

Pojawiły się kolejne listy osób zakwalifikowanych do przyjęcia dla: – I naboru na studia niestacjonarne na kierunkach: lekarskim, lekarsko-dentystycznym, farmację i analitykę medyczną – I naboru na studia II stopnia stacjonarnych i niestacjonarnych na kierunkach: pielęgniarstwo, położnictwo i zdrowie publiczne – II nabór na studia stacjonarne na kierunkach: lekarskim, lekarsko-dentystycznym, farmacji, analityce medycznej i fizjoterapii […]

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The application deadline for the second-cycle English Division Dentistry registration in the electronic registration system (IRK) is extended until September 16th.    

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24.08.2022 Uruchamiamy II nabór na studia w języku angielskim na kierunku lekarsko-dentystycznym

Z dniem 26 sierpnia otwieramy drugi nabór na kierunek lekarsko-dentystyczny (studia w języku angielskim – English Division). Zgłoszenia przyjmowane są do 8 września 2022 za pośrednictwem Internetowej Rejestracji Kandydatów IRK.  

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Wroclaw Medical University offers studies in 10 fields of study in Polish and 2 in English. We run Doctoral School along with postgraduate studies. We have enjoyed great interest from candidates for years. We aim to provide our students with the best possible learning and development conditions. The modern premises of the Scientific Medical Information Centre are bustling with activity. Candidates for doctors, nurses, midwives and paramedics master their practical skills at the University Teaching Hospital. Dentistry students use professionally equipped dental offices of the Academic Dental Polyclinic at Krakowska Street.


While studying at our university you can stay in one of two dormitories: DS. Jubilatka and DS. Bliźniak, which are a 15 minute walk from the main campus.


Ela Midura, a student od Dentistry

I was of course enchanted by the city itself. Wrocław is beautiful. It has its own unique charm. It is not accidentally called the 'meeting place'.

Maks Wastag, a student of Pharmacy

In high school I took my leave to Olympic-level sport and thought I would never return to sailing. I am pleasantly surprised - Wroclaw Medical University decided to buy a yacht and made it possible for me to compete in the Polish championship.

Marta Polniaszek, a student of Midwifery

I chose this profession because of contact with patients - I love contact with people and the excitement of working in the delivery room.


In addition to studies and social activities, sport is an important part of our students' lives. Many of them are successful as individuals.

The sections operating within the Sports Club of WrocLaw Medical University are also doing well. Our athletes, skiers, climbers and swimmers know the taste of the podium well. The university supports its athletes, for example by co-financing trips to foreign competitions. Students can also play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis or badminton for fun. A gym is available for use.



Our English Division offers the opportunity to study medicine and dentistry. Every year we accept almost 200 english-speaking students from all around the world. The studies are very popular amongst Germans, who choose our university because it offers a high level of education while remaining close to their country of origin. English Division studies are also often chosen by students from Sweden and Canada, but we have representatives from exotic regions of the world as well, such as Chile or Sri Lanka.